St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Oriental, NC


Becoming a person who tithes is both a formative and grace-filled process.  It is a formative process since through consciously accepting the tithe as our standard of giving, we reshape our spiritual lives.  It is a grace-filled process, because as we learn to tithe we discover unexpected wonderful gifts from God.

When tithing becomes an issue for us, we are beginning to confront our attachment to money and the “stuff” money can buy.  Don’t wait until all bills are paid, the children are educated, your income is larger, or you have fewer obligations.  Simply begin by accepting tithing as a standard of giving and then start moving toward that standard.

For information about Stewardship opportunities at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, please call, write, or email at the addresses below.

Thank you.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Oriental, NC

402 Freemason St., P.O. Box 461, Oriental, NC, 28571-0461
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Revised 2/23/04